On Saturday night I went to an event called “Dancing For a Cure”, a fundraiser for cancer research, with my friend Nelle. Having faced and conquered several forms of cancer in her lifetime, her wisdom of the spirit sparkles through the darkness, reminding us to be joyful in hope.

Her heart welcomes those who are lucky enough to be touched by her spirit as she uncannily shares her heart, her joy, and her wisdom, patient in bringing a spark of hope to others whose afflictions may be troubling .

Nelle celebrated her 89th birthday a few months ago and one of her greatest joys in life had been dancing until she took a fall and now enjoys the music as she watches others dance.  Saturday night was different as she said longingly, “Oh for a waltz.  I love to dance the waltz.”   The next song was a slow one and the gentleman sitting next to her asked her to dance and this time she said yes.

  Everyone watched her graceful movements, fluid with the music as her partner smoothly led her around the dance floor.  Inspired by the simple joy of dancing, her smile began with her mouth and shone through her sparkling eyes as every eye watched and every mouth smiled.   How good is that?