In the words of President Barack Obama, “yet another mass shooting” has occurred calling it a “cowardly” act.  Vice President Joe Biden stated, “the tragedy is almost unthinkable” and “ is a “God-awful reminder” of the need for Americans to stay vigilant. “  He also went on to say “Our thoughts and prayers are with the military and civilian personnel at the Washington Navy Yard.”

As a nation let’s put action to those words – let us pray:

Heavenly Father,

Today is a day of confusion, fear, and pain as innocent people were killed in Washington D.C.  God, we know that you don’t prevent bad things from happening because, as a loving God you allow us to choose what and how we live our lives and that just as good presents good, evil presents evil.  We know you are saddened today as any father would be by this horrible tragedy both by and against your children.   We know You are here to give us strength and comfort, allowing us to do what needs to be done, as we comfort others. Thank you for this spark of light and hope on this dark day.