“Have you ever looked at your kids and had your heart filled with so much love and pride that it brought tears to your eyes???  I have and it’s amazing.”  (beingmommy.com).

Amazing is a powerful word.  There are so many days that I simply take my amazing children for granted because of the simplicity and humility of just who they are.

I love them unconditionally.

I accept them as the amazing people they are.

I pray for them every day.

I cherish the amazing memories of them from when I was pregnant, feeling that first flutter which evolved into a kick to the bladder.  Memories of walking the floor with a colicky, crying baby or just one who wanted to play – so many sleepless nights.  Such amazing celebrations when they got their first tooth, when they took their first step, and when I heard them say “Mommy” – right after they said “Daddy”.

Amazing memories from my amazing daughter the time she threw an entire bag of her father’s plastic fishing worms out of the back of the boat trying to “feed the fishies”.  She was three.  When she played the piano so beautifully it was as if she were playing the strings of my heart.  She was nine.    When she was captain of the academic bowl (that’s when her father and I realized she was smarter than both of us, vowing to keep that a secret until she was twenty-one).  She was fourteen.  When she was the Director of her college play and as she gave the thank you speech, I recognized the amazing woman she had become. On hearing someone gasp and sob, I looked around, found I was sitting on the edge of my seat and the sob had erupted from me.  Embarrassed, I slid back in my seat, jumping to add my applause to the standing ovation given her and the cast at the end.  She was twenty.  Memories of her deciding that I worked too much, was too stressed and needed a hobby, so she signed me up for a creative writing class (with Dr. Eva Shaw) which was to prove to be an unexpected purposeful path for me.   She was twenty-two.  She continues to believe in my writing and is my biggest fan.  Amazing.

Amazing memories from my amazing son as I watched him pull up to the coffee table and drink black coffee from my cup, before he could even walk, foreshadowing as he has become my “coffee buddy” and actually gave me Civet coffee for my birthday (be sure to Google that, made famous in “The Bucket List” with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, amazing movie).  Memories of his teachers dubbing him “Tim Conway” for his humor, his family serving as his director, prop and camera crew for all of the videos, in lieu of written research papers, that he completed for school. A startling way to recognize the amazing difference he was already making in other’s lives occurred when a teacher called to say she had just lost her parents and her husband, saying that his video was the first thing that had made her laugh in a very long time (it was “Down by the River” from Saturday Night Live, he played John Candy).  He was nine years old.  Memories of watching him achieve his black belt in Tae Kwan Do karate.  He and his opponent bowed and she then said, “I’m old enough to be your mother.” He challenged her with respect for the sport while demonstrating the level of love he would want shown to his mother.  He was thirteen.  The day, as a teenage jock, he and fellow football players went to the all-you-can-eat pizza buffet for $4.99.  He stood in the doorway, refusing to let any of them leave until they all left a good tip for the single waitress that had served them.  He was sixteen.  Today he lives 12 driving hours away from me and calls me almost every day to talk about everything and nothing.  When I feel the most lost and unsure he tells me how proud he is of me. Amazing.

Amazing  is what our family life has been and continues to be. We enjoy each other, rushing to be together to celebrate or to comfort and support.  When their father died a few years ago, I survived by taking care of them and they survived by taking care of me.  Our family has grown with the addition of an amazing daughter-in-law and two amazing dogs (more on that later).

Did I say how amazing my children are?