I choose to keep an adequate supply of “rose colored glasses” to wear during the darkest of times because they let sparkles of light shine through.

I choose to try to be happy because choosing to be sad, well, it just keeps me sad.

I choose to try to live according to God’s plan, even though I may not understand or agree with it; because understanding is not the same thing as knowing.  That comes from faith.

I choose to try to be a good mother, a good sister, a good friend, a good person even when I don’t want to be any of those things, because through God’s grace I have had the goodness of a mother, friends, and many other people who have blessed my life with their goodness.

I choose to try to have a glass half full of champagne, choosing to celebrate the good that comes with the bad.  Because how could we ever gain wisdom about what’s important in life, without acknowledging that the path that takes us to God has moments of joy to get us through moments of pain.

I choose to try to be faithful , even when the world is saying faith is a myth, because faith has always sustained me.

I choose to try to remember there is good in people, while choosing not to hold onto a perceived hurt, hoping others will forgive my hurts to them.

I choose to try to thank God throughout the day for my dog, Teddie, which means “gift from God”. So when I do, I’m actually thanking God for His providence.

I choose to try to donate time, money, products or services even when I’m experiencing tough times because I have received time, money, products and services to get me through tough times.

I choose to believe everyone will join me in choosing to be thankful this Thanksgiving Day, because I choose to try.