“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

                                                                               — Josh Billings


My dog Teddie, short for Theodore, which means “God’s Gift”.


Have you ever told God that He has done good?
We all talk to Him, even when we don’t know we’re talking to Him.
We’ve said, “Thank God!”
We’ve said, “God, can I have … ?”
We’ve said, “God, why’d you let that happen?”
We’ve even said, “God d*%# … something or the other).”
Nevertheless, we all talk to God.
But do we ever simply say, “God, ya’ done good.” ?
For example, dogs are good.

Dogs are always glad to see you, excitedly giving YOU their undivided attention the moment you arrive.
Dogs focus only on YOU during meals, with absolute certainty that you are a sharing person.
Dogs look deep into your eyes, to your very soul, just before they pounce and lick you right in the face.
So, as I share this picture of my dog, Teddie, I say, “God, ya’ done good.”Teddie