Once upon a time, a vintage couple that was very much in love, went to St. Thomas to renew their wedding vows. The evening before the great event they went to the patio bar overlooking the harbor. Enjoying the sunset, they discovered that there were many young couples there to be married for the first time. Imagine the young people’s surprise when they discovered the vintage couple was there to renew their vows after twenty-five years of marriage!

“You can stay married that long?” one young bride-to-be exclaimed.

Giving her a long look, the response from the vintage bride was, “Well, if you don’t believe that you can, you might need to rethink that marriage thing.”

Groom-to-be rushed in to rescue his love, “Well you have to admit twenty-five years is a long time. You are amazing.”

Vintage groom chuckled, saying, “We didn’t say it was easy. Why, we’ve divided all our belongings up at least fourteen times during those twenty-five years. Marriage takes work.”

That vintage couple was my husband and me. It was great fun sharing our wisdom of love and marriage with these young couples. We felt lucky.  Then, after thirty-seven years of marriage, my husband died unexpectedly.  I was filled with regrets of things left undone or unsaid, of not being a better wife and of not having more time.  But I was also filled with gratitude for having been blessed to have had a joyful marriage.

This is the basis of the book, “Messy Beautiful Love” by Darlene Schacht. This book can be found at http://www.familychristian.com/catalog/product/view/id/269235/

As I read Ms.Schacht’s warm and personal journey, I gained a better understanding that love is imperfect, because all humans are imperfect. Ms. Schacht approaches topics that all of us have experienced, some with joy, some with regret, over the course of our relationships. The insightful journey is made clearer by the hard life lessons learned, and the in-the-moment ahas.

The premise that guides these insights are based on the surrender of your relationship to God; which means working to understand God’s method to prepare us for good and for bad. We all walk different paths, but if that path is walked with God, then our relationships become nothing short of an incredible gift.511ZTgqWQWL._AA160_Messy Beautiful Love

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