I sat in a local restaurant Friday night, chatting with friends and being in that ordinary moment of my life. I was oblivious to the fact that others, about 5000 miles over the ocean, were victims of evil as they too sat in restaurants in the Rue Bichat area of Paris. Only when I started home, switching on the radio, did I learn what was happening.

Today, I know that 129 people were killed and 352 injured. All were people just like me, sharing dinner, enjoying music, and just living their lives in all of these ordinary ways. Until evil entered their midst and changed that moment — for that is the intent of evil.

Today, the world stands with the people of France. We send what we have – aid, prayers, and love. Evil will not stop that. We are made stronger through the solidarity of courage not understood by evil, because by its very nature, evil is cowardly.

Yesterday, today, and in all the days to come, France, known as the City of Light, maintains this spirit as their light grows brighter during these dark days. The candles that glow in the windows of the homes and the businesses of France demonstrate their unflagging hope and faith as the world shares their grief. Their spirit is contagious as it ignites the world, continuing to burn freely.Paris

“Sun is rising, a new day begins. May it be with love. Please not with hate. I love you all, let’s love each other. Maybe the world will be a better place.”
–Thomas Tran Dinh, Paris Concert Survivor