I love live performances of any kind:  concerts from Jimmy Buffet to the Atlanta Symphony, community theater to the Fox Theater.  Rarely have I been so moved by a performance as I was by HARMONY – A NEW MUSICAL.  I saw it in it’s first run at the Alliance Theater at the Woodruff in Atlanta, Georgia.  The story, the music and the actors transported me back to a time in history that makes most of us want to change the channel.  It was a reminder to never look the other way.  Yet it was intense with sparklers illuminating hope.    I laughed and I cried, I even forgot to breathe during the last half of the show.  As I left a sold out theater, the echo of quietness reverberates still.  I had to put the pieces of my heart back together at the end.

HARMONY – A NEW MUSICAL, with music by Barry Manilow and book & lyrics by Bruce Sussman. HARMONY tells the true story of The Comedian Harmonists, a close harmony ensemble of six young men in 1930s Germany, who took the world by storm until their religious composition – a mixture of Jews and Gentiles – put them on a collision course with history.