There are those oh so special times, sometimes only once in a lifetime, but when that once has ongoing life impact, it is like a ripple in the ocean that goes on to create a tidal wave.  Such is the story, among stories, about the family in the following video.  It is my honor and privilege to share this video, with permission from the parents in it.

I am blessed to know this family, to have watched these children grow over the past year, and to have them influence my life, in the creation  of my Sparkler series.

God leads us where we need to go and puts people in our life to fulfill His plan for us.

Such are Ben, Kaila, David, and Naomi in my life.  Please let me know by viewing this beautiful story and by commenting below, or on my Facebook page on how this story affected you.

It is a story to be shared.  God bless them for doing so.  Please click on the following link: